Special Hauling Permits

To safeguard the State system of roadways and roadway structures and contribute to the safe movement of highway traffic through the review of applications and, when appropriate, the issuance of special hauling permits for vehicles/loads that exceed the statutory maximum legal weights and dimensions.


Mike Moreland
Supervisor of Permit Issuance/Section Manager
Email: Mike.Moreland2@dot.ohio.gov


Jeff Whiteman
Supervisor Accounting, Insurance and Technology
Email: Jeff.Whiteman@dot.ohio.gov

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions including login, account & escrow questions, insurance questions and permit specific questions.

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Permit Information

Information including types of permits, permit fees and travel hour restrictions.

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Forms and Attachments

Including insurance forms, miscellaneous forms and permit attachments.

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Regulations and Policies

Requirements, limitations, guidelines and more.

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OHPASS Links and Support

Login and Request a Permit

OS-7 Form 
Application for Permit System Login

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